Century Co-op Guidelines



One of the benefits of becoming a York dealer with Century HVAC Distributing is an annual co-op marketing budget based on York residential equipment purchases*. The purpose of the co-op fund is to help dealers grow their businesses through co-branded marketing, advertising, and promotions.


All co-op claims are subject to review by Century HVAC Distributing and York. The York logo height must be at least 0.75” wide on small print items to be coop eligible; for all other items, the York logo must occupy at least 10% of the space to qualify for co-op reimbursement. Any claim that is submitted under the York Marketing Co-op Program that mentions or features any name or logo of a competitive brand or any competing product will be ineligible for reimbursement. Only the York brand can be promoted in any media. Any claim for advertising, in any media, that features product price will not be eligible for reimbursement. Any claim that features unapproved or previous versions of the York logo, advertising materials, or collateral will not be eligible for reimbursement. All co-op advertising reimbursement is issued in the form of a credit memo to the dealer’s Century HVAC Distributing account, regardless of status as COD or Credit account.


  • Search Engine Marketing and Advanced Search Engine Optimization:
    Screen shot of ad required for proof.
  • Website Creation and Maintenance: York logo must appear on the home
    page or landing page and must be at least 100 pixels in width. Website must not feature any competitive products and is subject to review by Century personnel.
  • Newspaper Advertising: Space costs only; graphic design fees and/or labor are not eligible for co-op reimbursement.
  • Consumer or Trade Print Advertisement: Space costs only; graphic design fees and/or labor are not eligible for co-op reimbursement.
  • Radio and Television: Spot announcement costs for 10,15, 20, 30, and 60 second advertisements. Video or sound clip required for proof.
  • Billboard and Transit Advertising: Space and printing costs only; graphic design fees and/or labor are not eligible for co-op reimbursement.
  • Exhibits, Displays, and Fairs: Cost of exhibit space. If products other than York are displayed, only the percentage of space occupied by York will be eligible for co-op reimbursement. A photo of the booth is required for proof.
  • Local Consumer Direct Mail: Cost of postcards, postage, and mailing lists. Graphic design fees and/or labor are not eligible for co-op reimbursement.
  • Identification Signs: York branded signage is eligible; Costs associated with running electricity to the sign and/or installation labor will not qualify for reimbursement.
  • Vehicle Identification: Vehicle wraps are eligible for co-op reimbursement as long as the York logo is no smaller than 9.5”x22.0” and is featured in color on both sides and the back of the vehicle. A photo of the vehicle after it has been wrapped is required for proof.
  • Sales Promotion Materials: Promotional items, flyers, videos featuring York, and sales presentation material are acceptable.
  • Uniforms and Apparel: York logo must be 1” or larger; photo of apparel required for proof. Apparel purchased by the dealer through York’s program with Tangible Advertising or Total Identity Solutions is eligible for 100% reimbursement from Century.
  • Sales Programs: Requires preapproval and reports showing York equipment percentage sales.
  • Software: Wrightsoft and Picture Perfect Pricing only.
  • Other: We encourage you to be creative with your marketing and advertising, but please obtain prior approval from Century HVAC Distributing’s marketing department for promotions that fall outside of the normal categories.


The Century HVAC Marketing Department retains the right to be the final authority in determining if any other expense is chargeable to the co-op fund. Examples of media and materials not chargeable to the support fund are:

  • Fees associated with financing & rebate programs offered by Century & York
  • Memberships in Trade Organizations or buying groups
  • Religious or political publications
  • Local advertising agency fees
  • Labor charges
  • Customer gifts, meals, etc
  • Computer hardware, software & applications
  • Office supplies
  • Yellow Pages ads not featured online
  • Travel expenses
  • Taxes
  • Truck painting and/or repairs.
  • Shipping, electrical, and labor charges for displays and exhibits
  • Shipping charges for any item
  • Warranty-related expenses and labor
  • Design Fees
YORK approved logos.



  1. The invoice or receipt dated in 2024
  2. Proof of the marketing piece: photo, copy of ad, tearsheet, etc. to marketing@centuryhvac.com | 972-619-2160 phone
    Once your claim is approved and processed, you’ll receive credit to your Century account.

*Excludes special orders.


Separate from the Johnson Controls Unitary Products Allowance, Century offers Training Funds to all York Dealers to assist in covering the cost of business, sales, and technical training courses offered by Century. Once training funds are exhausted, training classes can be paid for with coop funds at their standard percent. Must require pre-approval if the course is not held by Century.