Consumer Rebates

The Consumer Rebates program is designed to improve product mix and increase sales volumes. It is comprised of three components: limited-time homeowner rebates, bonus consumer categories and personal use rebates for the contractor. The best part? All of these are 100 percent factory funded with no contractor contribution.

With competitive rebates of up to $500* on a new heating and cooling system, contractors will be able to attract new customers, ensure that homeowners benefit from the value of buying our brand and provide homeowners with a system that they truly desire.

Limited-time homeowner rebates are designed to help contractors close sales at the kitchen table when they need it the most. Distributors can pick any six months during the calendar year.

Personal use rebates serve to encourage distributor and contractor partners to purchase and install YORK residential equipment. This is an excellent opportunity to establish strong credibility with the consumer from the start. Personal experience with YORK equipment allows contractors to provide testimonials and superior knowledge to the homeowner.

Pro tip: Contractors can stack the value of consumer rebates with additional rebates available in their local market i.e. utility rebates, state energy incentives, federal tax credits and others. Promoting the ‘total savings’ to the homeowner in both marketing and sales materials can make the difference between the homeowner choosing to repair or replace.

* Rebate value is based on high-efficiency air conditioner unit and premium furnace installation combination.

Contractors can provide year-long, higher-value rebates to those homeowners that serve our communities. Homeowners in the following categories can take advantage of year-long increased rebates on qualifying products:


Military and veteran personnel




First responders


Homeowners residing in communities affected by emergencies or natural disasters

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Qualifying Products and Rebate Schedule

Base rebate column reflects the base homeowner rebate. Bonus rebate column reflects the total rebate value for bonus consumer categories comprised of military and veteran personnel, first responders, educators, nurses, and homeowner residing in communities affected by natural disasters.

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Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
Type Models Type Models Base
21 SEER YXV / YZV 19 SEER2 YXV / YZV $325 $390
19 SEER YXT / YZT 18 SEER2 YXT / YZT $300 $360
17 SEER YFK / YCG 16 SEER2 HMCG2 / HMH7 $275 $330
16 SEER YHM / YHG 15.2 SEER2 YC2F / YH2F $250 $300
Type Models Base
Premium YPLC / YP9C $175 $210
Enhanced TM8Y / TM9Y / TM8V / TM9V $150 $180
Air Handlers
Type Models Base
All AVC / AVV / MVC / AE / ME / JHET / JMET /JHVV / JHVT/ JMVT / JHVV $75 $90
Packaged Units
Type Models Base
Premium PCG6 / PCE6 / PHE6 / PHG6 $150 $180
Ductless Mini-splits and Mini-VRF
Type Models Base
Premium DHS / DHX / DHZ / DHW / RAS-SH/ RAC-SH / RAS-PH / RAC-PH $60 $72
Standard DHP / DHR / DHM / RAS-EH / RAC-EH / RAM-S / RAS-EH / RAS-SH / RAI-SH / RAF-SH / RAD-SH / RAS-1.0-4.0 / RPK/ RCIM / RCI / RPIL / RPIM / RPK $50 $60
Mini-VRF HVAHP $60 $72

Note: All rebates depicted above are in United States Dollars (USD).
*The Bonus Consumer Rebate column reflects the total rebate that an eligible individual in the bonus consumer rebate category can receive.

Program Terms and Conditions

Contractor Eligibility

  • All participating contractors must be actively enrolled in the Consumer Rebates program as a Liberties Plus or Certified Comfort Expert contractor in the Marketing Dashboard at time of installation to be able to offer Homeowner Rebates.
  • Year-long Personal Use Rebates are available for the following Contractor Success Program levels: Certified Comfort Expert, Liberties Plus, Liberties.

Eligible Equipment

  • This program is exclusively offered on residential equipment. See table above for eligible products.
  • Manufactured housing, new construction, parts, and multi-family installations do not qualify for promotional programs.
  • Three-phase equipment is excluded from this promotion.
  • Promotional offers will not be extended for products not in stock.

Rebate Payouts

  • Incentives are paid in US dollars (USD).
  • Checks are issued exclusively to eligible homeowners that purchased the product from an eligible participating contractor. Claims will not be paid directly to contractor or distributor companies.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Once a claim is approved and paid, the serial number will be invalid for additional rebates.
  • Claim submissions will automatically register the serial number to the homeowner for the standard warranty within 30 days of the claim submission.
  • All program participation is subject to review and audit by the Sales and Marketing Programs department. Any program participation determined to be non-compliant will be denied.
  • Non-compliance with any program rule may result in the distributor and/or contractor being ineligible to participate in the program.