Promotional Extended Warranty

The key to lifelong customers Estimated annual value: $5,500

Customer retention is a key component of every successful business. Our extended warranty plans are designed to help contractors secure returning customers by providing up to 10 years of extended protection for homeowners. Contractors can give customers the added peace of mind that comes with an industry-leading, extended warranty.

Through our Contractor Success Program, our extended warranty plans are available at a discounted rate. The Promotional Extended Warranty is a great tool for contractors to build their business today and maintain it in the future. With a low price and guaranteed income from all covered repairs, this one-of-a-kind extended warranty program provides contractors with more opportunities to sell while growing their service and referral business.

Peace of mind for homeowners

  • Provides affordable parts-and-labor coverage for up to 10 years
  • Offered directly by contractors and YORK – giving homeowners one place to go for service: the contractor
  • Paid via a one-time payment at the time of purchase
  • Transferable from one homeowner to another

Powerful profits for the contractor

  • Additional revenue at the time of sale
  • Offers a markup on all equipment and parts
  • Requires normal clean-and-check service
    – providing the contractor with extra income
  • Includes a generous travel-time allowance
  • Can be offered for up to 10 years, retaining customers and their service business during that entire period
  • Increases potential for replacement sales
  • Administered and backed by YORK

Seven ways to build income with promotional extended labor warranty

  1. Potential to boost profits: The plan is inexpensive, making it attractive to any customer. Since it costs contractors less, it’s easier to make additional profit on every plan sold
  2. More opportunities to sell: Maintain a solid relationship with customers by performing services and eventually getting their replacement business
  3. Required service means additional income: Contractors can make money on required clean-and-check service visits
  4. Guaranteed income from all covered repairs: Excellent labor rates, great parts mark-up and a generous travel-time allowance – all at no additional cost to the homeowner
  5. Increased potential for additional sales: Homeowners will call their contractor who sold them their extended warranty for any and all issues
  6. Improved referral business: Referrals to family and friends can help to boost income
  7. Enhanced service business: Protection plans educate homeowners about the benefits of service and preventive maintenance
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