Residential Financing by Synchrony

Engage with Customers | Estimated Annual Program Value: $2,500
Included with all levels.

Financing helps grow a contractor’s business

Offering financing on every job can help contractors close more sales and homeowners get the HVAC solution they really want by breaking the cost down into convenient monthly payments. Our 2024 Residential Financing program by Synchrony offers a wide selection of consumer promotions at very competitive contractor rates.

Consumers want payment options.

  • 62% of Synchrony cardholders feel promotional financing makes their large purchases more affordable*
  • 75% of Synchrony contractors report financing increases their average sale**
  • Cardholders spent $4,383 more, or 155% more, on average compared to non-cardholders*
  • 41% of Synchrony cardholders say they would walk away from the purchase if retailer financing was not offered*

*Synchrony Ninth Major Purchase Study, Home Improvement 2023
**Synchrony Dealer Survey, Home Improvement 2023
^Eligibility varies by promotional timeframe. Refer to Operating Letter for full details.


Key Benefits

  • Paperless, contactless application and payment processes
  • Homeowner application pre-fill to reduce friction and increase completion rate
  • Fast credit decisions in five seconds, on average
  • Approved rebates are paid within 72 hours
  • Flexible financing plans include multiple options for contractors to choose what works best for their business
  • A dedicated sales team to train contractors’ staff and help them grow with financing
  • Compelling financing promotions plus contractor fee buydowns for eligible^ YORK contractors