Contractor Spiffs

Our contractor spiff program is designed to reward contractor salespeople incentivize higher product mix. Qualified products installed during selected a contractor spiff.

Eligible Levels: Liberties Plus and Certified Comfort Expert

Incentive Schedule

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Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
Type Model Numbers Total
21 SEER YXV / YZV 19 SEER2 YXV / YZV $150
19 SEER YXT / YZT 18 SEER2 YXT / YZT $100
17 SEER YFK / YCG 16 SEER2 HMCG2 / HMH7 $30
16 SEER YHM / YHG 15.2 SEER2 YC2F / YH2F $30
14 SEER YFE / TCHE / THE / YCS / YCE / YHE / YEE 14.3 SEER2 YC2E / YH2E $25
13 SEER YFD / TCD / YCD / TCHD 13.4 SEER2 YC2D $25
Type Model Numbers Total
Premium YP9C / YPLCD $40
Air Handlers
Type Model Numbers Total
All AVC / AVV / MV / MVC / AE / AP / ME / MP / JHET / JMET / JHVV / JHVT / JMVT $20
Packaged Units
Type Model Numbers Total
All PCG6 / PCE6 / PHE6 / PHG6 / PCG4 / PCE4 / PHE4 / PHG4 $50
Ductless Mini-splits and Mini-VRF
Type Model Numbers Total
Premium DHS / DHX / DHZ / DHW / RAS-SH/ RAC-SH / RAS-PH / RAC-PH $50
Standard DHP / DHR / DHM / RAS-EH / RAC-EH / RAM-S / RAS-EH / RAS-SH / RAI-SH / RAF-SH / RAD-SH / RAS-1.0-4.0 / RPK / RCIM / RCI / RPIL / RPIM / RPK $40
Mini-VRF HVAHP $50

How to File an Incentive Claim

  1. An eligible participating contractor installs qualifying equipment represented on the incentive schedule in this operating letter.
  2. Within 60 calendar days from installation, the contractor salesperson must go to the Marketing Dashboard and submit their claim under the “Contractor Spiffs” program. The following information will be required:
    1. Serial Number
    2. Homeowner Information
    3. Sale Price
    4. Installation Date
  3. Submit for review and confirmation. Claims are processed within five business days.
  4. Claim status updates are available within the Marketing Dashboard under the menu navigation FIM Programs – Claim History Report.
  5. Claims are paid via selected payment method within 45 calendar days of approval.

Program Terms and Conditions

Contractor Eligibility

  • All participating contractors must be actively enrolled in the Contractor Spiffs program as a Liberties Plus or Certified Comfort Expert Contractor in the Marketing Dashboard at time of installation.

Eligible Equipment

  • This program is exclusively offered on residential equipment. See above table for a list of eligible products.
  • The following are excluded from this program: Manufactured housing, new construction installations, parts, three-phase equipment, commercial applications and properties, service work, warranty sales.
  • Promotional offers will not be extended for products not in stock.


  • All promotional incentives described in this letter must be claimed within 60 calendar days of the installation date via the Marketing Dashboard in Solution Navigator. Claims submitted any other way will not be accepted.
  • Once a claim is approved and paid, the serial number will be invalid for additional spiffs.
  • Submitted claims are considered final and changes will not be made. This includes the reassignment of an incentive to a different salesperson.
  • Non-compliant claims discovered after payout may result in an invoice to the distributor.

Incentive Payouts

  • Incentives are paid out and invoiced to distribution using local currency—United States Dollars in the United States and Canadian Dollars in Canada.
  • Once payments are issued to the contractor, JCI will invoice distributors once monthly for their portion of the incentive.
  • Discrepancies must be identified and disputed in writing within 60 calendar days of claim denial. Send disputes to
  • Claims are paid and sent exclusively to eligible salespeople (individuals, not companies) that are active employees of an eligible contractor company. Claims will not be paid directly to contractor or distributor companies. If a salesperson needs to be deactivated from the program, a request must be sent to and may take up to 30 days to process.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Claim submissions will automatically register the serial number to the homeowner for the standard warranty within 30 days of the claim submission.
    • Ensure the homeowner’s name listed on the claim is the legal name associated with the ownership of the home.
  • All program participation is subject to review and audit by the Sales and Marketing Programs department. Any program participation determined to be non-compliant will be denied.
  • Non-compliance with any terms or conditions of the program may exclude the distributor or contractor from participating in the program.